It seems your browser does not support WebGL and/or HTML5 video and/or WebRTC

Try Google Chrome for best results

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This page is an experiment in using HTML5 video, WebRTC and WebGL to create a live VJ performance tool. In other words, fun times with video. Use the controls on the right to change the video effect parameters. For best results (if your computer has a webcam and your browser supports WebRTC) then give the page permission to Allow use of the camera.


This page may produce strobe effects/flashing lights/rapid pattern changes. If you're susceptable to photosensitive epileptic seizures I recommend trying something more soothing, like this experiment.

Also, this is an experiment, use at your own risk. It may break, may crash your browser or computer, annoy your cat, etc.

If you're having performance issues try a different resolution (default 960x540). Note that resolution of the input image is limited by your webcam (usually 640x480), but the feedback quality will change

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